To Phd, or not to Phd?

I survived my conference presentation and I was absolutely thrilled that I did it, although I was sure I was gonna lose all my hair due to stress. The people from my field of study were incredibly nice and warm and it felt great getting recognition for my work from people that are in a completely other level when it comes to research. They’re like on the other side of the mountain already whilst I’m just peeking out of the door.

Now, the question remains, should I teach or continue my research? How can you even choose? Although I love teaching, I’m sometimes worried that I’ll get a permanent position someday, and just close the classroom door behind me and teach for 30 years without actually noticing how the time passes and the world changes. On the other hand, how are you supposed to research teaching/education without actually knowing what it is like in the classrooms…

Well, I promised to think about it during the summer holidays. I’ll blog if I have something to blog about but right now, I’m closing my books for now, cleaning my classroom and heading out for a break I truly feel I deserve.


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