Oppi learning festival and the dreaded “first year” of teaching

I had a chance to visit the Oppi learning festival, which was held in Helsinki, Finland a couple of weeks ago. The festival had a really laid-back atmosphere (as you can see from the photo) and it was a great place to really think about education and where our schools are headed.


Great talks by a lot of great minds, including Sugata Mitra but not forgetting the teachers who are in the front line of the education reform. For me the event solidified my own thoughts on education and schools and teaching in the 21st century. I’m looking forward visiting the festival in the upcoming years.

Oh boy, such a long break from blogging! I actually finished my master’s degree this spring so I’m not a substitute teacher anymore! The first year (or in my case, first 6 months) have been exhausting and overwhelming at times, but I love it! There’s a lot more work than I was prepared for, a lot of things they don’t teach you at university and a bunch of responsibilities that have nothing to do with actually teaching (I’m a contact person for what now?). Not to mention co-workers, bosses and a proper paycheck! Yay!

Next year I’m getting my very own class (a bunch of 1st graders!) and I’m excited because I’ve got some big plans for them. In short, I’ve got a classroom with no tables and no chairs, because I want it that way. I want the learning to be different so the classroom must work for me, not the other way around. I’m using the norwegian Trageton-method (writing to read, playful writing using ICT) and the hungarian Varga-Nemenyi-method in mathematics (very hands-on method) and I should be freaking out but I’m not! I’m looking forward sharing my Varga/Trageton/1st graders -experience with you! That is all, still a few weeks to go before it’s SUMMER TIME!

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One thought on “Oppi learning festival and the dreaded “first year” of teaching

  1. Patricia says:

    Just saw this post that you graduated! Congrats! The classroom and subbing will not prepare you to be a full teacher. I have one year under my belt and I am still learning everyday. Good luck and I just started my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction! Great Blog!!

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