The Cups – revisited

Earlier I posted about the CUPs-lesson I had last week. I had a chance to continue with the group today and I really wanted to wrap things up so the lesson wouldn’t have gone to waste.

As I mentioned before, after 45 minutes only some of the kids had learned the basics of the routine and some (most of the boys really) had just smashed the cups into bits and pieces.

Today I needed to get some space around us so we left our classroom and went to the gym hall. I sat them all down in a circle (didn’t give them cups yet!) and showed the routine very slowly. I showed them what we were going to try: to pass the cup to the right and get the cups going circles. I let them actually pick the size of the cup (last time I gave them large ones and they struggled a bit), I had bought three sizes. I moved the kids I knew learned the routine last time so everyone had someone close to them, who knew the cups moves by heart.

And I can’t even believe it – when we started practicing all of the kids new atleast the basics of the cups routine! What?! Most of them could practice on their own, only a couple needed some guidance. We practiced for about 15 mins before doing the actual game (sitting in a circle passing the cups). After that we did the cups to the Avicii song I wanted originally.
The kids even did their own variations!

Did they really practice the cups at home? Without me forcing them to? 😉 haha, well, their teacher congratulated me later, the students had been over the moon about the cups-lesson!

So note-to-self: the cups lesson is way too short for a 45 minute lesson. It takes time. Divided into two lessons with a week between them really made all the difference.

Oh, and no cup was broken that afternoon (on purpose)!


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