Last night about 8PM I got a call to sub a music teacher. I had a bunch of 1st graders and then a class of 4th graders to teach. Usually 1st and 2nd graders are easy: they like to sing and aren’t too afraid to do silly things. But 4th graders can be tricky. They’re all too aware of themselves, and because I’m not the best singer or piano player in the world, I thought I’d try something different. (Atleast I got the call the night before so I had a chance to think something beforehand 😉 )

At first I thought I’d play a Disney Medley from youtube to get them involved with the lesson and at the same time have them counting the movies they can recognise. After that we could have played some Disney tunes. However it was too late to pop in a libruary to get some Disney music sheets (note to self: if you find some cheap somewhere, buy!). So no Disney, maybe some other day.

Instead I found this GREAT INSTRUCTION and lesson plan on the “cups”.  I was supposed to start the lesson with maybe Anna Kendrick’s version of the cups and then me doing the cups in front of the class (I seriously practiced the routine like an hour or something ;)) but i totally chickened out!! Too much pressure, haha.

I started the class with an accapella version of the cups from youtube (sorry, I just searched cups accapella cover, and played the version with two high school kids singing and performing, just can’t find it anymore..) and I guess that’s already a thing with teenagers because they started to get very excited. When I pulled out the cups towards the end of the video they were really excited.

I started to teach the routine. It was a bit of a mess. Some knew it already, some wanted to learn it but found it difficult, some wanted to learn it but failed and found it very embarrassing and started shredding the cups and some just weren’t interested at all.

All in all, I guess at least some were really into it so I take it as a win.

No way did we have the time to actually play the cups game or properly teach every step to the class (it was a huge class: I showed the steps in front of everyone and then as we practiced went from table to table).
In the end we played the Anna Kendrick’s version on youtube in the background and those who wanted to try could try and participate during the song. I was hoping we’d have time to try out the cups to another type of music (Avicii would have worked) but no way. 45 minutes is a short period of time.

I can totally see myself doing the cups-lesson later. Maybe I’d introduce it in a longer period of time, learning the routine by heart first and after that introducing music, the actual game and different songs and variations.  The cups could be the first (or the last thing) in every music lesson for some time, the kids could really learn it well and maybe even make a performance to the parents.


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