Have a great summer everyone (and some summer crafts!)

I absolutely cannot believe that the spring term is finally over (well tomorrow, but still)! What a long winter it has been and I’m shameful to say that I haven’t updated this blog as much as I would have wanted to. However, I’m only down to one final exam on my own studies and a master’s thesis (and this and that) so I’m hopefully graduating by the end of this year! Yay! And also a bit scary too…

I cleaned out the kids’ artwork from the walls today, returned all the school libruary books and tried to leave the classroom neat for the next pair of teachers that are taking over next fall.

Since the weather has been so summery for the past few weeks I’ve urged the kids to go out more and I’ve also felt a bit lazy on the arts and crafts department. It feels such a shame to spend time inside when the sun is finally shining. Also for some reason my kids have been getting a bit lazy cleaning up after their crafty projects or I haven’t set up a routine for cleaning in a way that I would’ve wanted. Oh well. Maybe next time or next year 🙂

One of kids’ mom sent white cotton (?) ribbons from her work and since we’re always on a budget and out of supplies I embrace all the freebies sent my way.

I tried coloring them with tea but you only get shades of light brown so I simply put water+water colors to cups and sank wet ribbons in them and then we watched the colors to mix. We made bracelets and jewellery.





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