Art. Poetry. Combined.

In my previous post I mentioned how I made my calendar a bit more personal.

My local libruary ever so often gives away old books that are all torn and yellow and read too many times or not enough times.

I took home the Amityville Horror – I haven’t read it, the parts that I did read, I wasn’t too impressed with BUT the book is written to be sort of a diary (I think) and it has dates in the beginning of each chapter. I got this great idea of making a poem of each “first page” and posting it on my facebook when it is the actual date. The book takes place in December so I have to wait a year for this idea to work, but then it will be my most awesome Facebook Christmas Calendar!

I don’t teach poetry or literature to upper grades, but I thought this would be a lovely project for grades 8+ or high school either in art or literature.





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