Freebies: Activity Cards

I’ve been trying out activity cards with my kids. I have a card for almost everything we do and I use them both in our daily schedule where kids can easily see what the agenda for the day is and when kids have the option to choose what they want to do.

I try to listen what the kids would like to do each day and then put the cards on the blackboard. Each child has a name tag that s/he puts under the activity s/he chooses. After s/he finishes an activity, s/he cleans her/his space, chooses a new activity and then puts her/his name under it. Some of the activities are used rarely (such as drawing on the black board, building a fort, playing the piano, playing on the computer) and they might have enough space for one or two students at a time, but some cards are used daily (such as coloring, drawing, playing board games, doing one’s homework).

When a student complains that s/he has nothing to do, I can point to the blackboard and ask him/her to choose an activity from the listed options.

Now here you can download a microsoft word – file, that you can easily edit, add or change the pictures, resize the cards, add text in your own language, change fonts and maybe add clip art too. Here are pretty great free clip art for personal use only: to add them to your activity card, simply copy the picture, and paste it to the word-document.

 These are made by me, but they are free to use in your classroom as you see fit. You can download the file from the download button on Google Docs (Ctrl + S) and open it to modify on your own computer.




I made two-sets of the activitycards I needed, that way I can put an activity card to our daily schedule and still have another card to put on the blackboard. I also printed a few blank cards. Because I laminated the cards I can use a dry-erase marker to write on the blank cards an activity that I don’t have a spesific card for.

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