2013 Calendar DIY

My pocket calendar search for next year yielded no results as always. The calendars I would like cost too much, are too big or have page layout that I don’t like. I’ve almost always had a BIG calendar I can fit EVERYTHING in and I used to keep it as a diary or doodle in it during lectures, but now that I rarely visit school anymore and have a job that always starts and ends at the same time, I don’t need all that space. Sadly.

So I bought a small pocket calendar that is actually pocket sized. It has basic recyclable cardboard covers and the best of all, it cost 4 euros instead of 24 euros.

I wanted to make it a bit more personal, so here’s what I did:


I had old papers I got from my school libruary a few months back. They’re about space mirrors or something very technical but at the time I thought they had cool pictures and they were some 40 years old so they had that nice old feel to them already. I searched for words, circled them and then blacked out the rest.

It’s cool because at first, I didn’t really plan anything, I was just searching for words. But I guess when you look at the covers you can really see what has been on my mind lately: I want to travel and I’m desperately searching for an adventure and I want to find love.

It would be interesting to see what other people would’ve chosen.


One thought on “2013 Calendar DIY

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