Clay feathers


Another Pinterest-project, sigh.

This Christmas I wanted to make all the gifts myself, so I made these Christmas decorations and gave them to friends and family.

First, I found really old polymer clays I bought years ago but never actually used (Fimo and some other brand that are oven-baked). Some of the clay-bars were super hard and the Internet told me I could use baby-oil or vegetabe oil (and some hard work and time) to soften them up. It sorta worked. But not really. Maybe I should actually buy the softener that is meant for these clays… The end result was soft but slimey and not very workable. Maybe I did something wrong..

Anyway, I roughly molded the feathers…



Then made the parting…




And finally used a needle to make the feather look feathery šŸ™‚

The black thingies on the feather are from a paint brush I used as a rolling pin to flatten the feather around the center parting to make it appear taller.




I made a small hole to put a ribbon on before baking (those white ribbons I found from IKEA Christmas section, they were already cut and knotted and cost around 2 euros/30 pieces). Make sure you make the hole big enough, because I accidental broke a few feathers trying to get the ribbon attached…

And painted them white with acrylic paint. It took a few layers as the red clay was showing through. Maybe spray paint would have worked better…

When they were dry I added some glitter to the edges. I thought of adding a coat of spray finish, but since they are made to be enjoyed indoors in a Christmas tree I didn’t bother. I really liked the end result.




Maybe next year I’ll try this with salt dough and kids!


One thought on “Clay feathers

  1. Design and Polish Blog says:

    Awesome! I’m going to try this with salt dough this weekend šŸ˜ thanks for sharing.

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