Painting a piano

We used to have a basic upright piano when we were growing up, but then my parents decided to give it to our cousin who needed a starter piano. Although we didn’t play it as much as we used to, I still kind of always felt that we should’ve kept the piano.

In short, a couple of months back, I made a stupid and partly accidental purchase of an old beaten up piano. I felt like an idiot, when I actually met with the piano. Although it was only 150 euros, I felt like I got ripped of and cheated.

But I decided to spin this accidental purchase around. Instead of thinking that I made a stupid mistake, I decided to think this was an opportunity to get together with my dad and paint the damn piano. And we had fun! First we took our time planning the reno, sanding it, picking up the paint, fixing the brass parts etc. I’ve never taken up a project like this, so I think it was great for my dad too that he got to show me how to use the machines etc.

And I think it turned out great!

The piano in our garage. The top lid is already off.

First off we covered the insides with plastic. No way were going to take the keys out or anything. We took everything off that could be taken off, removed the hinges and then we sanded the parts. We had a few sanding machines to help with the parts. Luckily the scratches weren’t that deep so we mostly got them with the sander.

You can see my dad built a small platform with wheels for the piano so it would be easy to move in the garage.

First we painted the primer, and then two coats of paint. We used a roller to paint the parts. It was super fast and easy.

The color we chose was blueish white. The real color doesn’t show in these photos very well. I would have wanted a deep red or something whimsical, but it’s going to sit in our parents’ livingroom so white is nice too 😉

Here’s the end result!

In the end, this was a cool project and I’m happy I did it. Me and my dad had a good time renovating it.


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