Pinterests: Summer drink with apple and cinnamon

I am a pinterest addict. There, I said it.

I’ve pinned a million recipes, crafty inspirations and basically everything that looks pretty.

I came across a pin with the most simple “recipe”, just add a cinnamon stick and apple slices to your water pitcher and enjoy! Since I’m trying to quit sodas (everything from pepsi max to frizzy waters), mainly because it’s such a waste of money, I can’t be bothered to carry the bottles + return the bottles to the store and in an attempt to eat healthy, this was a perfect, cheap and simple idea to try. I hated my soda addiction, the feeling of opening the pepsi bottle, the bubbles and the fact that if I was thirsty, I would always choose the pepsi bottle instead of a glass of water. I read somewhere online that you can get addicted to water too, it takes some time but it’s possible. So for a week or two I drank nothing but water. And now, I don’t miss my pepsi glass at all.

I think sodas are still great, don’t get me wrong. If I eat at a fast food restaurant (ahem, Mcdonald’s…) no way I’m ordering a water or juice! I’m getting my coca cola zero always! I just don’t want to drink them every day and every week. I’ll leave the pepsis and the cocacocals for “special” occasions, I bet they taste better that way anyways 😉


One thought on “Pinterests: Summer drink with apple and cinnamon

  1. Audrey says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! I have tons of Metabolism Boosting meals on my blog, it is the new way to lose weight! Make your food work for you!

    I have women losing between 6-10 lbs per week drinking this water and eating healthy!

    Good job kicking your soda addiction!


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