Table decorations for Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

I found these photos from a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party we threw last spring for my mom’s 50th birthday! These were table decorations but unfortunately no one thought of taking pictures before the party..

We were on a tight budget so everything you see is either from thrift stores or IKEA and home-made.

We had hundreds of balloons: balloon arches, balloons woven into a stick, balloons filled with helium and attached to spoons and forks etc.. It was really beautiful but most of all I was really happy with the table decorations we did (I sneaked a few photos before we packed them away the next morning):

The cute flower pots with stuffed toys were hilarious! I cannot really recall who did them, but they were donated to childrens’ hospital ward after the party. Teacups were bought from thrift stores and the IKEA frames had Alice-poems in them. I made the crocheted cupcakes.

I took a few chairs and some miniature food from my dollhouse to display on the tables. (I have to say these table decorations were a sure conversation starter when the party was going)

The card towers were simply put together with a hot glue gun.

The mouse is from IKEA children’s toys.

One table was dedicated for card games, we’d printed a few rules on the card there. As you can see these are “morning after” photos 😉


The red and white balloons were either the balloon arch, or a column we built ourselves with a little help from youtube. Pink and white pearly balloons were filled with helium, put on a string and attached to a fork and they served as table decorations as well. As the party was ending we handed the helium balloons to the kids.

“Private party” -sign and candy, everywhere 🙂

We found this teapot shaped iron flowerpot from a thrift store if I remember correctly. A florist made the arrangement.
I’m super sad that no actual party photos were saved, since the mad hatter’s party was a blast! It was a theme party obviously but furthermore all the guests were advised to wear either a funny tie or a hat. Instead of a full-on costume party which can be very intimidating for someone, we just asked the guests to wear a hat or a tie, and then the best hat and the best tie got an award. I made my hat from an old LP record, but maybe I’ll show you that some other time 😉

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