Art Class Medley

First of all, I apologize for the bad photos, I don’t own a scanner and my camera got broken when visiting London last week ;( So my Nokia is subbing for my Canon right now..

I talked about northern lights and dry pastels way back when one school didn’t have dry pastels and I had to improvise something else. Well, this was what I originally intended to do. Black paper, dry pastels (fixative i.e hairspray) and white paint. (Sorry, the paper is a bit crumbled on the right 😦 )

A fun drawing based on a story about an elf who lives in a mushroom. The kids (and I) draw the picture as the story unfolds. Caran d’Ache on brown paper.

A super easy Caran d’Ache drawing for kids! Learning about the techniques and also learning to draw on a smaller paper that is not an A4.

In the mood for some Kandinsky? This was a super quick “don’t think just do” – painting after looking at a few reference art work by Kandinsky.

On a more personal note, I visited my friend’s new house for the first time and was SUPERTHRILLED to see one of my paintings on her wall! It’s waiting for the bedroom to be redecorated, so it’s in an awkward place right now, but nonetheless, it is the first painting that someone aside from my parents has on their walls 🙂 It made me really happy 🙂

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