Dog Prints

Our breed club is holding a competition for prints for their new merchandise.

Back in the day, I mean years ago when I was more actively involved with the club I spent a couple of very long nights printing these for the club to sell:

Sowing those little bows and glueing blings.. That was A LOT of work!

Those days are long gone, but I thought I’d throw my ideas in for the print competition:

1. The pups: I didn’t really like this one very much, I know I draw it but overall I’m not really a fan of prints like this. But I sent it anyways if only to add more contestants to the game 🙂

2. Dog-attack: My original idea was to imitate a sort of polkadot-print. But I realized that if I scale the print smaller and smaller you kinda lose the details of the dogs. These are basically traced from photos of my own dogs. So even if it doesn’t win I think I’d really want to print it anyways if only for myself to use.


3. Stripes: Personally, this was my favourite. I don’t want to display “I AM A DOG LOVER” crazyness too much so I tried to make a breed related print that was more about stripes, but had dogs too. And you can change the color of the stripes etc. The right one is made with 2 colors, the left one with 4. I don’t know if the “Z”s are too much though 😛

I’m eagerly waiting what the others have come up with! The voting won’t start until May or something so I might come up with new ideas before the deadline.

Oh, and because I don’t like computers too much, my little sister helped me with computerizing my prints 🙂  So credit to Iida!

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    […] wasted an afternoon sketching prints for our crested club’s print competition… Check the rest of them here! Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted in […]

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