United States of Disney

Since I’ve been writing my bacheror’s thesis this week (…er… or doing just about anything and everything else) I didn’t take any teaching jobs, so no new lesson ideas. Unless you’re very rich.

I had like a dollar (and some pennies) left from our last trip to the USA last spring so now that we’re planning to fly there again next summer I thought I’d take my dollar with me and pass it along 🙂

At first I thought it would be nice to gather small bills from everywhere I’ve been so far and paint something over and make a collage or something, but then I realized I’ve mostly travelled in Europe where we all use euros (except the countries that don’t) and the smallest bill is 5 euros anyways, so I’d probably end up destroying my artwork whenever I needed money for the bus fare… Also I’m poor.


2 thoughts on “United States of Disney

  1. Sherry K. says:

    Very cute! Hope you can hang on to enough small bills when you come to the U.S. for more artwork. Good luck with that… I can’t even seem to hang on to my change for any length of time…(-:

    Maybe we could do an “art bill” exchange…(-:

    • Meira says:

      Wow, an art bill exchange would be so much fun! I was thinking of just casually putting that disney bill back in rotation but it would be nice to trade it for another art bill!

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