Playing with plaster

This is not actually a project ready for school. BUT if you have an after school club with just a handful of crafty students you can make it work.

It was rather messy to work with plaster but the results are beautiful!

You need a small crochet doily, I found a couple really ugly ones from thrift stores and my mom’s closet 😉 The doilies in the photos were made from sparkly’n shiny bright yellow yarn and since I was never going to display them like that in my house, I used them in this plaster project.

Just mix the plaster according to the instructions in the box, it should resemble yoghurt. Because plaster dries REALLY fast, I mixed a patch for each doily separately. Put the doily in the plaster, let it soak there entirely. Squeeze the excess plaster off gently.

I used an IKEA drinking glass and covered it with plastic so it wouldn’t get destroyed. As I said before, plaster dries fast so once you’ve got the plaster soaked doily, set it over the glass (or other mold) and let it dry for a couple of days.

Once dried I used sand paper to finish the “tealight holder” which it was supposed to be and I spray painted it white because the yellow yarn was showing here and there.

For safety reason you might want to burn LED-candles instead of real ones 🙂

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